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I am a painter living in Sarasota, FL. Drawing and painting have been a part of my life from early childhood in Buffalo, NY. I entered Syracuse University as a liberal arts major. But within a year I talked my way into taking classes in both the art school and school of architecture. Fortunate to have gone to college in an age when experimentation was encouraged (You did not have to know you were going to be a brain surgeon as a 7-year-old!). I soon found my love for the visual arts overwhelming and before I knew it my portfolio was accepted at Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. While an S.U. student I was able to study painting for a semester overseas at the Sir John Cass School of Art in London, finishing the semester’s studies in Paris.... then traveling throughout Europe... more broadening experiences. I had many wonderful teachers in all the visual and graphic arts classes but especially with the painter Jerome Witkin. I’ve been fortunate throughout my career to be able to paint for self-expression and design as a creative director for advertising while living in Soho in NYC. Each discipline fed the other. While working by day I went to NYU for my masters degree at night to learn film/video production and at the same time painting and showing in New York. Again, I was fortunate to have a painting teacher who was challenging and encouraging – the pop artist Idelle Weber. My paintings have been categorized as representational (which they are) but they are planned and constructed in many ways similar to old masters, abstract expressionists, and modernists. I endeavor to blend the fading imagery of 1950's North American signage, typography and neon, with the sensual qualities of animals and natural landscape... which inevitably appeals to my sense of humor.