GAZE Modern is a gallery/project space that opened its doors in November of 2018. GAZE features a unique blend of revolving exhibitions by local and regional emerging and mid-career artists as well as group exhibitions and collaborative participatory projects.

The gallery is dedicated to being a lighthouse in Sarasota and beyond, illuminating the work of emerging and established artists showcasing a variety of styles and mediums.   It is our honor to share our artists and bring their talent to our Sarasota collectors and beyond.





For the last 20 years, Tim Jaeger, has maintained his studio in the resort coastal town of Sarasota, FL. Raised in Paducah, KY, Jaeger earned his bachelors of arts from the Ringling College of Art + Design where in addition to GAZE Modern serves as a painting instructor and the Campus and Community Engagement Manager.

While wearing many hats, Jaeger has emerged as a leading artist in South Florida and beyond while engaging the community and fostering new artistic partnerships including co-founding Sarasota’s Artist Collective, SARTQ, and co-organizing the popular quarterly creative speaking series 10x10.



Shelley holds a huge passion for grassroots operations, and has acquired various skills in her quest for efficiency. She's always ready to get to work, finding peace among chaos. Having previously held positions in bookkeeping, event management, and hospitality, she never shies away from an opportunity to get her hands dirty. Travis is up for anything, and happy to help! 


Zachary Gilliland, PREPARATOR + ARTIST

Zach was an extremely hyper child and only two things could calm him down: making art and playing soccer.  From an early age Zach had the ability to draw with both hands and kick with both feet.  When one hand would tire from drawing he would swap to the other until that hand fatigued and then switch again. According to his mother this cycle would go on for hours.  His feet felt neglected though and he eventually put his passion for drawing down and soccer became Zach’s main physical and creative outlet.  Which led him into the NCAA, playing for Newberry College and his eventual studio art degree.  After soccer practice one night, Zach stumbled into the ceramics studio and “re-found” his other passion.  Since that fateful night Zach has been delving ever farther into the art world, working as an artwork installer and sculptor creating art with anything he can get his hands or feet on. For Zach, creation happens in the studio and on the soccer field.