Elle is a Florida native, born and raised in Sarasota. She studied printmaking and painting at Florida State University, and received her BFA in Studio Art in 2016. She has since pursued her artistic career via freelance design, illustration, clothing design, and murals. She current lives and creates locally in St. Petersburg.

Elle began her current body of paintings with the intention of using it as a release from her otherwise representational freelance career. She loosely restricts herself to using the most basic colors and forms, focusing on primary colors and playful shapes. “I love the idea that such pure elements of design can come together into a composition that has never been executed quite the same way. I think I was looking for an outlet to bring positivity and playfulness to an aspect of my life that can, at times, become all work, and no play. It’s important to me for art to remain something I find passion and pleasure in.

Relating to her mural designs — she strives to create contemporary, effortless imagery that compliments simple, modern spaces. She is inspired by objects throughout daily life that are often overlooked. The mundanity of the every day objects relieves the necessity of meaning people often seek in art. There is interest to be seen in everything, and she has endlessly sought to give these objects their ‘moment in the sun’.